Uses of Cheese Knives

Aug 31st

Just as there are many different types of cheeses, there are many different types of cheese knives. While technically you could use a knife to cut any cheese, using the correct enhance your dining experience by presenting each variety in the way that highlights their natural flavors. Cheese aircraft is a kitchen knife with a sharpened razor in front of the blade is useful for shaving cheese blocks into uniform slices. Cheese planes are often sold with cheese forks, which are used to serve cheese cut portions.

Modern cheese knives
Modern cheese knives

Cheese cleaver is cheese knives are ideal for cutting cheese into cubes smorgasbord or party dish. It is also very useful as a preparation knife chop the garlic and ginger. Hard cheese knives can be identified by the open holes in the blade to prevent cheese from sticking when cutting. Fork-like pliers or a sharp point at the edge of the blade are useful to serve soft cheeses.

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A double cheese knife handle is used to cut large wheels of cheese and is the most commercially used by traffickers’ cheese and restaurant chefs. The knife swung back and forth along the center of a wheel to create two pieces of equal size, crescent shaped cheese.