How Varnished Oak Stairs

Aug 15th

The varnished oak stairs basically follows the same process as any other kind varnishing wood, it involves removing the old finish, coloring wood, and sealing the stain with varnish or polyurethane. The main difference with the staircase is that if your home is just a game, you will be separated from your higher ground waiting for the stain and polish dry. The solution is to break the process into two parts; alternating varnishing steps can always step on the other ladder.

Amazing Oak Stairs
Amazing Oak Stairs

Use a sander and rough sandpaper to sand the surface of each rung of the oak stairs, removing the old finish and the top layer of wood. If you’re going to also touch the bands ligulas too. Sucks dust. Repeat with fine sandpaper on the sander to smooth the surface. Brush the wood stain on the top ladder with a brush. We also apply it to the riser below, if you’re doing the wings.

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Skip the step immediately below and repeat staining on the next step. Repeat and continue coloring all other steps, so you can still use the oak stairs. Let the dye dry without walking on it. Brush polyurethane on the top step, using a brush. Apply a thin, even layer. We also apply it to the upper strut, if you’re doing bands.

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