Garage Door Hinges

May 4th

Garage Door Hinges-When down to the garage and see student assistant fire doors open, many kinds of motorcycle thieves were taken away. On 17/9 Police Bin Than District, Ho Chi Minh City said it was investigating, the subjects explored by performing 5 motorcycle thefts in the student house type in the address line 206 Dinah Bo Line, Ward 26, Bin Than District.

Garage Door Hinges pool
Garage Door Hinges pool

Earlier, garage door hinges at around 5am 16/9 student tenants at the inn on the type of exercise, the parking area down to the ground floor of the house, the shock discovery opened the door. After checking the students discovered five motorcycle categories were “no wings that fly Receive press, police precinct 26 and the operational unit in Bin Than district police to record the incident, the scene examination. Doors to the thieves got out, leaving the hinge amputated. Initially identified the thieves operate under gang.

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Every day car to the ground floor and student rooms are the key to the main door to the house. Today happens burglary has 17 motorcycles, 5 stolen car in which a scooter and other effects have been not unlocked garage door hinges

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